The chore of resilience #chronicillness poem

The chore of resilience

The chore of resilience beckons the unwell.              

It’s nothing but fervent incase you couldn’t tell.
It’s a long road, so they say, reeling off the routine.

But the desperation inside, means that you’ll concede.

Volatile, confounded. Another slice of the game; 

one rung up the ladder, one step closer to the main.
You ready yourself, conforming to the burden. 

It’s time’s up now, no more waiting. This must be the end. 

The finale is complete. But wait, there is no change:

We’ll wait until tomorrow, to see if it’s the same. 
Back down that rabbit hole, you spiral vaguely again. 

The world hastening by, was that another lost friend? 

You must snap back, or continue whirling forever, 

There ARE more stints, but we’re with you. ALL OF US TOGETHER! 
No time for impulsiveness. You need a rote right now.

You’re more than courageous, but this is turning sour, 

The vehemence is roaring now, it’s just been too long. 

Tenacity has taken hold; you’re leading this new song. 
Dutifully, we’ll hand-hold you, guide you through the pain.

Your resolve; life-affirming, your subtlety, arcane.

Unyielding and steely, you must keep on keeping on 

My friend, your lion-heart and worthiness; keep us all strong. 
The chore of resilience tests all those unwell, 

When lost, look for loved ones; make your heart swell. 


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